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Last updated 2 July 2023

Azure Devops

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Azure Devops



Introduction to DevOps:

Understanding the principles and benefits of DevOps.
Exploring the DevOps culture, collaboration, and communication.
Agile Software Development:

Overview of Agile methodologies (e.g., Scrum, Kanban).
Agile development practices and their integration with DevOps.
Version Control and Configuration Management:

Introduction to version control systems (e.g., Git, SVN).
Branching, merging, and managing code repositories.
Configuration management tools (e.g., Ansible, Puppet, Chef) for infrastructure automation.
Continuous Integration (CI):

Implementing continuous integration practices.
Setting up CI pipelines with tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI, or CircleCI.
Automating build, test, and deployment processes.
Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CD):

Understanding continuous delivery and deployment concepts.
Automating application deployment to various environments.
Blue-green deployments and canary releases.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

Introduction to Infrastructure as Code and its benefits.
Tools like Terraform and CloudFormation for provisioning and managing infrastructure.
Managing configuration drift and ensuring consistency across environments.
Monitoring and Logging:

Implementing monitoring and logging practices.
Utilizing tools like Prometheus, Grafana, ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), or Splunk.
Setting up alerts and notifications for system health and performance.
Containerization and Orchestration:

Introduction to containerization using Docker.
Orchestration tools like Kubernetes for managing containerized applications.
Scaling, load balancing, and service discovery in containerized environments.
Security and Compliance:

Implementing security best practices in DevOps processes.
Managing access control, secrets, and encryption.
Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
DevOps Culture and Collaboration:

Creating a collaborative and high-performing DevOps culture.
Effective communication and collaboration across teams.
DevOps leadership and organizational change management.


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