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Last updated 2 July 2023

Salesforce Development

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Salesforce Development



Salesforce Administration:

Introduction to Salesforce: Overview of Salesforce as a CRM platform and its key features.
Salesforce Architecture: Understanding the Salesforce architecture, data model, and security model.
User Management: Managing user accounts, profiles, roles, and permission sets.
Data Management: Importing, exporting, and manipulating data using data loader and data import
Workflow and Process Automation: Configuring workflows, approval processes, and process builder
to automate business processes.
Reports and Dashboards: Creating and customizing reports and dashboards to analyze data and
monitor key metrics.
Customization and Configuration: Customizing objects, fields, page layouts, and record types to meet
specific business requirements.
Data Validation and Data Quality: Implementing validation rules, data deduplication, and data
cleansing techniques.
Collaboration and Communication: Configuring email templates, chatter, and communities for
effective collaboration.
Mobile and Lightning Experience: Customizing the Salesforce mobile app and utilizing the Lightning
Experience interface.


Salesforce Development:

Introduction to Salesforce Development: Overview of Salesforce development options and tools.
Apex Programming: Understanding the Apex programming language syntax, data types, control
statements, and object-oriented concepts.
Triggers: Writing triggers to respond to data changes and perform custom actions.
Apex Classes and Interfaces: Creating custom Apex classes and interfaces to implement complex
business logic.
Visualforce Pages: Building custom user interfaces using Visualforce markup language.
Lightning Components: Introduction to Lightning Components for creating modern, responsive UI
Integration: Integrating Salesforce with external systems using REST and SOAP web services, APIs,
and middleware tools.
Testing and Debugging: Writing unit tests and debugging Apex code to ensure quality and reliability.
Deployment and Version Control: Understanding the deployment process and using version control
tools like Salesforce DX and Git.
AppExchange and App Development: Publishing apps on the Salesforce AppExchange and developing
custom applications.


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